Drew Gallis

With the rise in cloud technologies utilized in the Industry today, hosting services on the cloud is becoming an industry best standard centered around efficiency and availability. I am currently an Undergraduate Senior Computing Security student who has a passion centered around custom cloud integrations and security analytics. Overall I work with containerized cloud services (AWS/AZURE), web applications (FLASK, MERN, etc.), and analysis/collector tools (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Grafana, etc.). With this in mind, I will continue to strive to learn and follow industry standards centered around securing web/mobile applications and proving them through auditing/testing.

About Me

Currently I am a Senior Undergraduate Computing Security Student with a minor in Public Policy attending Rochester Institute of Technology [RIT]. My interests currently include cloud services, data analytics, packet analysis, security auditing, and custom API integrations. I have been involved in numerous clubs in relation to computing security [RITSEC] and have participated in networking competitions for more exposure [RIT NSIC]. To continue my exposure to new security practices, my brother and I also work on personal projects utilizing our home network as well. My primary goal is to become an expert in the new and rising field of cloud security and to be able to work with multiple different platforms and APIs on a regular basis!


Programming Languages

Python, C++, Java, HMTL5, VB/VBA, PHP, Objective C, Javascript, React Native, Bash Scripting, MIPS, HTTP /1.1, JavaScript


Rochester Institute of Technology

Computing Security

Graduation 2020

System & Infrastructure Configuration

AWS Services, VMware, Cloud VPS, Docker, Selenium, Zedd Attack Proxy (ZAP), Google Cloud Platform, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Grafana, Google Access Manager (GAM), Docker/Docker-Compose, Salenium, D3 (Graphing Module), Git, AWS Security Hub, Azure DevOps


WillowTree Security Engineering Intern (May 2019 to Aug. 2019)

Cloud Change-Control Assessment , Custom API Integrations, Automation to improve workflow, Data Normalization, Auditing, Tooling/Vulnerability Review, and Security Awareness.

WillowTree Security Intern (May 2018 to Aug. 2018)

Utilized AWS infrastructure/services, cloud systems, and container related services. Also, performed breach analysis and auditing for the company




Fishing | Camping/Hiking | Skiing | Photography | CloudSecurity | Tooling